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The American mink (Mustela vison), has joined the British fauna as a result of escapes and deliberate releases from mink farms where it has been bred for its fur since 1929. Breeding in the wild was confirmed in 1956, in Devon. Since then, the mink has shown that it is well adapted to life in the British countryside, and has become widespread. It is now found throughout most of mainland Britain, with the exception of northwest Scotland, the lake district and the greater part of Wales.
Minks are known for their rich glossy fur. These highly aggressive predators live a solitary nocturnal lifestyle and prey on a wide variety of animals. The larger males kill muskrats and rabbits while the smaller females go after mice and songbirds. Both sexes eat a lot of fish, frogs, and crayfish. They inhabit all types of wetlands but freshwater swamps and marshy lakeshores are preferred.
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