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  • Despite
  • finding them in almost every corner of the UK, often in very large
  • numbers, rabbits aren't native to Great Britain and were actually
  • introduced about 900 years ago from France.
  • Rabbits were intially bred for their fur and because they are a convenient size for a good meal, with no leftovers.
  • The
  • term 'Warren', which is now used to describe rabbit colonies and
  • burrows, actually comes from the name that was given to the walled
  • enclosures that were built by Britons hundreds of years ago to keep
  • their rabbits in.
  • A 'Warrener' is someone who is employed to look after groups of rabbits, providing food and protection from predators.
  • Rabbits
  • are usally found on sandy heaths and clifftops, where the soil
  • tends to be easy to dig and yet firm enough to support
  • networks of underground burrows.
  • During the 1950s rabbit
  • population in the UK were so large that the Myxoma virus was
  • deliberately introduced, killing 99% of all rabbits in Great
  • Britain within just two years.
  • Rabbits are the only mammals in the world that can see behind themselves without having to rotate their head
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