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There are almost 300 species of wasps in the British Isles. Only the female wasp stings. Wasps do not die after stinging. There are 3 groups of classification for wasps - parasitic, social and solitary. Only the Queen common wasp - a social wasp - survives the winter by hibernating. The common wasp makes her nest froim chewed and pulped wood, resembling paper. Parasitic wasps do not build their own nest but use plants or maybe caterpillars etc. to host their eggs. Some parasitic wasps are bright green or blue in colour.  A single colony of wasps may be as large as 2,000 insects.
We consider ourselves experts in our field, from many years experience within the industry we have ensured that the many different aspects of city centre pest control have been implemented into our business. Carrying out work for many Government buildings means that our technicians have undergone security checks at the highest levels, something that many of our clients find a great peace of mind considering the sensitivity of the work that we carry out.
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